Saturday, April 10, 2010

10 things that need to be done to fix America

This is my take on something Brian posted. If any of you guys reading would like to do the same thing, either just post your list in the comments, facebook message us, or email me if you know my email.

1. End fractional reserve banking, and the Federal Reserve.

2. End the ability of banks to issue debt as US dollars. Banks should be issuing debt as bank notes. If all banks can issue credit as US dollars, it makes it seem as if all banks are equally good or well-capitalized. It also, when combined with fractional reserve banking, turns banks into a private printing press.

3. Reform copyright law by eliminating temporary government granted monopolies on ideas while allowing people to be compensated for their contribution to a new development.

4. End all subsidies, bailouts, and reduce government spending to the bare minimum required by the Constitution.

5. Eliminate the laws supporting the 'closed-shop' union.

6. Eliminate government support for licensing requirements.

7. Eliminate government-mandated zoning.

8. Eliminate the surveillance state and the $56B Pentagon black-ops budgets, the details of which remain totally hidden, even from Congress. Put every dollar the government spends on the internet for everyone to see.

9. Make it so that the government has no say as to which cable company can serve which geographical areas. There needs to be competition in media to get a diversity of views.

10. End the harassment of protesters.

(I know I snuck a couple other ones in there, but this is important business!)

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