Sunday, April 4, 2010


With all of the new legislation being passed through congress in the last 80 years there has been a massive decline in personal freedom.

With the dawn of the progressive era in American history aroudn the turn of last century came an increased role for the government in people's everyday lifes. The government took the notion that is was helping to "protect" people from the social ills in society. Prohibition, social security, the new deal programs, etc. were designed for one reason....Government knows what you should be doing and what is good for better than you do.

With this new "responsiblity" that the government had for you, the helpless individual, quickly became patriarchial. The government has made everyone into a nieve child that needs to be looked after, and trying to take all people back to a state of dependence. By passing welfare laws, social security, and medicare medicaid the government has started the process of making us all slaves to their controls.

Pretty soon there will be a license required to get have a child, to date someone you chose, etc. and if you think that these are farfetched ideas just look at the record of some programs that the government has spawned to "protect" us from ourselves. Gun control laws, medical care, strict regulations on buisness, taxes, etc. are all designed to "protect" us from some danger. So at what point will the government say: "no you cannot have a child, you are unfit" or "no you cannot date this person they are too good or not good enough for you". On a side note, why doesnt the government just start a process of redistribution of attractivness? I mean we are soaking the money away from people who are successful, so why not make everyone look exactly the same?

The power to control someone's decision making is the ultimate contol, and right now the government is in the driver's seat for you and me.


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