Friday, June 24, 2011

Libertarian Links

"More than a third of all states allow debtors “who can’t or won’t pay their debts” to be jailed. In 2010, according to the Wall Street Journal, judges have issued 5,000 such warrants."

Retail politics in Argentina.

Nevada passes law legalizing driverless cars.

This literally makes me nauseous.  Folks, this has to be stopped:  "House lawmakers passed legislation Thursday to overhaul the U.S. patent system for the first time in nearly 60 years, despite disagreements over patent-office funding and a provision that could help large banks challenge some patents. The House passed the America Invents Act on a 304-117 vote, a bipartisan tally with more than two-thirds of lawmakers from each party supporting the bill. The bill would change how the U.S. grants patents and award them to the party which is "first to file" an invention instead of the "first to invent" it."

Medieval standards of living (this might just be for me.)

An anti-eVerify article.

Romney vs. Romney.
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