Thursday, July 7, 2011

Libertarian Links

Public union tries to crush think tank.

Oregon Medicaid experiment: "In 2008, Oregon decided to enroll an additional 10,000 people in its Medicaid program via lottery. The nation’s top health economists pounced on the opportunity to compare medical consumption, health outcomes, and financial stress among “able-bodied uninsured adults below 100 percent of [the] poverty [line],” some of whom were randomly assigned to Medicaid and some of whom were not. The Oregon Health Insurance Experiment is particularly relevant because, starting in 2014, President Obama’s new health-care law will enroll another 16 to 20 million such people in Medicaid."

 Great article on D.C.'s free entry taxi cab market (vs. all the other cities that require medallions.)

The case of a man let off death row.

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