Friday, August 19, 2011

Libertarian Links

A libertarian island?

Chavez nationalizes gold production and potentially fires the shot that crashes the world economy (though not really his fault this time.) (Must read)

More risible than rude was the President's comment that, "If we don't think there are more benefits than costs to [a rule], we're not going to do it." His own White House's recent report to Congress admitted that for most of the major rules the Obama Administration imposed on Americans in 2010, the government had failed to analyze both costs and benefits.

Taking on Warren Buffet's collectivist tax claims.

On Monday, the Wisconsin Education Association Council announced it will lay off about 40% of its staff, a change executive director Dan Burkhalter blamed on Mr. Walker’s “union-busting legislation.” In December the union will face another reality check, as 51% of its members must vote to recertify it as their representative. With members no longer captive dues payers, the union has been forced to begin new outreach efforts, including home visits, to sell its relevance to workers. 

SEC destroying key documents?

Paul Krugman advocates war based on lies to "stimulate economy."  Really.

Outstanding student debt has climbed 25 percent since the start of the financial crisis in 2008, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York — an increase from $440 billion then to $550 billion now. By contrast, every other major category of consumer debt, including mortgage debt, credit card debt, auto loans and home equity loans, is lower today than it was in the fall of 2008.

Green stimulus failure.

“I wrote letters to attorneys plainly marked ‘Legal Mail’ and addressed to lawyers with the title Attorney at Law. The FEDS opened those sealed letters, photo copied them, then sent them back to me as part of their pre-trial document production, a clear violation of US Constitution’s Sixth Amendment guarantee of ‘Assistance of Counsel’ to criminal defendants like me.”

You may have heard that Japan is a government-directed society, and in many ways it is. But in terms of the constituents of daily life being privately owned and marginally priced, it is a libertarian's dream world. For example, there are relatively few free city parks. Many green spaces are private and gated off (admission is usually around $5).

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